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All artwork © 2014 Terese Sadler
The Universe works in wondrous ways, once you open your heart and give love at every
opportunity, knowing the love is received. In GRATITUDE, I offer Heart Waves to you.
Thank you for your Light and all the inspiration you share. When I received the message,
"THE WAY IS IN THE HEART," I had a knowing that my gift to the world was still inside me.
As I opened fully, the unbounded flow created "Heart Waves," that have a unique, simple
vibration that ripples out to expand the qualities of peace, compassion, generosity, joy and
love in the hearts of many; my contribution to life. As we connect in the spirit of service,
we are changing the world. May they penetrate your heart and uplift your spirit.

Many Blessings, Terese Sadler

All artwork © 2014 Terese Sadler