Your circumstances and behavior do not define you — rather, they are manifestations of how you are already defining yourself. Please enjoy this visual aid designed to help you remember and acknowledge who you really are, and to enhance your experience of life by allowing the corresponding circumstances and behavior to naturally show up — you deserve it:

I am PDF

I am Word Doc

My friend Marlies (of Marlies’ Creative Universe) also generously created these beautiful versions for me to share:

I Am 1      I Am 2      I Am 3      I Am 4

Place it on your bathroom mirror, or some other place where you are likely to see it on a daily basis.  Proclaim yourself — preferably out loud and emphatically — to be the wonder that you are.  I also like to tap while doing so, so as to clear any possible doubts that might be lingering in my energy system.


Obviously, the words on the poster are ones that came to mind for me (and more keep popping up  — I’ve updated this several times already…!).  You may prefer other words, or to use adjectives. If you are adept with MS Word, you can use this as a template and change the words — or even the colors.  Or just use this as an example and create your own “I AM” poster.   Make one for you kids, too — imagine someone growing up knowing they are awesome…!  And, the more we acknowledge our own magnificence, the more adept we are at recognizing it in others, and treating them accordingly.  If you know of anyone else who might enjoy this poster, please share this page with them, too — thank you.


Acknowledge who you really are, and you will make a positive difference not only in your life, but in the lives of countless others.  Thank you for doing so!


It was suggested to me that I should offer this poster as a product for a few bucks, but I chose to offer it for free, hoping to make it available to as many people as possible who could benefit from it.  If you enjoy it, and/or my videos, and would like to support my mission to make a positive difference by way of a donation, there is a button to the right where you can do that.  Anything is appreciated — including simply sending positive energy.  Thank you. :)

Be Magnificent!


Brad Yates, C.Ht.

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