Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. 

If you wish to experience a better quality of life, you must improve the quality of your thoughts and feelings. 

Cultivating a positive mindset is the most important thing you can do for creating the life you want.

So… what are you doing about that…?  And... how consistently…?


Here is a powerful resource for clearing out old negativity and nurturing the kind of mindset that naturally creates the life you desire, with an abundance of health, wealth and happiness!


(And you can get access to it right now, for a limited time, for only $1)


If you decide to get serious about hygiene, do you take a really good shower… once…?


If you decide to get serious about getting in shape, do you do a really good workout at the gym… once…?


If you decide to get serious about your diet, do you eat a really good meal… once…?

Of course not!   

(If you answered “yes” … ummm, we’ve really got some work to do…)

In order to be successful at these endeavors, you need to be consistent.  If you eat a healthy breakfast, but then snack on junk food all day long, the benefits of that healthy meal will have been minimized, if not completely negated.  Unhealthy eating habits need to be changed.


Most folks understand this, but it happens with folks trying to improve the overall quality of their lives all the time.  Many people have seen “The Secret” and have committed themselves to a program of attracting what they want… and will spend several minutes a day focusing really positively on what they believe they want.  That’s their “healthy breakfast”… but what are they snacking on the rest of the day…? 


Old negative thought patterns.

“Money is bad.”  “I don’t deserve it.”  “There will never be enough.”


Can ten or twenty minutes or even an hour of positive focus on wealth compensate for the other 23 hours in which habitual limiting beliefs are surely being contemplated—if only at a subconscious level…?


You might not be aware of these thoughts, but your circumstances are attracted by the energy of your thoughts and feelings.  If your current experience isn’t reflecting the abundance you desire, that means your energy isn’t reflecting it, either.


You can change that!


You need program of consistently and effectively cultivating the desired thought processes to create the life of your dreams.


This is what Joe Vitale and I set out to do with Money Beyond Belief.  We addressed some of the most common limiting beliefs folks have about abundance—and about themselves.  It’s a great program, and consistent use of that program helps clear more and more layers of old blocks.  I often hear from people how they go through those audios again and again, and keep finding more benefit.


And, I heard that people wanted more.  It is understandable that, as entertaining and effective as a program may be, not everyone wants to listen to the same words over and over without any change.  Even if you created the most healthy and delicious meal possible, you probably wouldn’t want to eat it everyday for every meal.  And after a while, you might stop doing what you know is good for you.


Variety is the spice of life.


This is the thinking behind programs like Jenny Craig and NutriSystem.  They have created a number of different healthy meals so that you can be confident you are working towards your goal and still enjoying variety.


So what about your mental diet…?


The old adage goes: You are what you eat.  This is true mentally as well as physically.  And most of us give in to mental junk food on a regular basis—for the same reason we indulge in other junk food—it usually seems to taste good and is readily available—it’s convenient!  But... there are consequences.  Remember, your mind is creating your reality.


How much of your day is spent consuming information that doesn’t support a positive mindset…?  How much of what you watch might even be considered mental junk food—addictive and damaging…?


I’m here to offer a healthy alternative — something for your mind that tastes good and is good for you!


I conduct weekly teleclasses called Tapping into Abundance.  As in Money Beyond Belief, we use EFT and guided imagery to readjust our thinking and feeling to be more in harmony with abundance.


· We clear out the old toxic beliefs — think of it as antioxidants…


· We enhance positive beliefs — think of it as nutrients.


The more magnificent you realize you are, the better you feel about yourself, the more good you will naturally allow into your life.


Each week, different issues come up, or different aspects of old issues, and we go through the process to transform the situation — creating prosperity from the inside out.


Even when issues are similar, no two tapping rounds are the same.


Some of the archived recordings have been available, but because I’ve been doing these for several years, I have a library of well over a hundred hours of tapping and guided imageries.  Up until now, most those have only been experienced by those who were present on the call.


And at the end of each call, those participants use words like...


“Great!” “Perfect!” “Powerful!” and “Amazing!”


I can only take just so much credit for that — the calls are a co-creation of everyone involved — and the magic comes from an Intelligence greater than my own.  But I am aware that there’s a lot of good stuff in there that could benefit a lot more people, and I had to make it available.


So… here it is...


The Magnificent Tappers Club


As stated, there are over a hundred hour-long teleclass recording that you will have access to for immediate download.  There will also be certain other recordings, including special rounds of tapping or guided imageries that I have created outside of the classes.


Think of them as individually wrapped meals for your mind that are already prepared and ready to “eat.”  It’s a powerfully positive Mental Diet!


If I sold all of this as a one-time package, I would have to charge thousands of dollars.  To be able to make all of this available, the only thing that made sense was a membership site.  This way, you have ongoing access to all the recordings.


And since I continue to lead these teleclasses, new material will be added each month!


And while I am always saying that God is really good at what I do, I keep getting better at allowing that to happen through me.


So, what you get is:


· Over 100 hours of Tapping into Abundance, rich with tapping, clearing, insight, and guided imagery.  Tons of material not available anywhere else!

· Bonus audios including tapping, guided imagery and interviews.

· At least three hours of new material each month.


· A monthly live teleseminar exclusively for Magnificent Tappers!


So, you have a huge variety of “meals” to choose from as you program your mind for prosperity.  And I’m confident that you will find many of these to be ones you want to enjoy multiple times.


Oh… and did I mention that it would be fun…?  Chances are you’ve heard some of my work, or seen some of my YouTube videos, so you know that I like to spice up this clearing work with a healthy dose of humor.  Hey, just because a meal is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t also be tasty…!


This is a powerful resource for helping you realize how truly Magnificent you are—and how worthy and deserving you are of allowing the abundance that is available. 

Commit yourself to consistent positive programming, make use of this resource, and you can’t help but become happier, healthier and wealthier—making yourself an increasingly irresistible magnet to whatever you desire!


If you are new to Emotional Freedom Techniques, then you are in for a treat.  EFT is a simple yet powerful tool for releasing stress and limiting beliefs.  This takes learning about the Law of Attraction to an incredible new level, because it is interactive, and in the process you are releasing old resistance to new empowering ideas.


If you are already familiar with EFT, but have not heard the tapping that goes on in these teleseminars, you are also in for a treat.  Rather than basic tapping, you will find LOA teachings, metaphors, humor, insights into human behavior and life lessons interwoven into the process.


You are going to feel exponentially better about yourself, about your life (even right where you are), and have greater freedom to take action and create the life you really want, abundant with health, wealth and happiness!


Okay… so… how much…?


If you really make use of what is offered here, the difference you will experience in terms of how you feel about yourself and what you manifest in your life is potentially priceless.  And I know what membership programs are going for — and I know what I could reasonably charge. 


But I’m on a mission.  I want this to be available to as many people as possible, because of the difference it can make not only for you but also those around you.  I’m up to something… creating a better world for our kids.  Helping you free yourself to make a greater difference in the world is important to me.


I also know that a lot of folks who could really benefit from this are in a tough place financially—especially right now.  I want to make it an even easier choice for you to invest in yourself and your positive mindset.  So, for the time being, I am offering this membership for only $17 a month!


I am confident you will greatly enjoy and benefit from these audios. If for any reason you find it is no longer what you are looking for, cancel your membership at any time.  But any dues paid cannot be refunded, so to make it even easier to test the waters, act now and you can try it out for 5 days for only $1.00!


For only $1, you can instantly get access to over a hundred hours of life affirming, stress-reducing, energy clearing, prosperity consciousness enhancing and laughter inducing audio!


Sign up now


I hope I’ve made it easy enough for you to decide to make this investment in yourself, and that you’ll get started right now.  Once you are a member, you will have access to download the audios whenever you like.  Bottom line,  I’m confident this work will benefit you in a variety of ways, and I’m very pleased and excited to be able to make it available to you. 


Be Magnificent!




Brad Yates


P.S.  Remember, training your mind to be successful requires commitment.  This program is designed to make it easy and enjoyable.  This is a healthy mental diet that is delicious and nutritious—enjoy!


P.P.S. When you get inside and experience all that you are getting, I know you will see it is worth a lot more.  So I encourage you to do this… decide for yourself how much more you would be willing to pay, then each month put the additional amount in savings, investments or any other good use of money you’ve been denying yourself.  Or, donate another membership for someone you think could benefit from it.  And if you really want to give me more money—especially as your prosperity grows—then I’ve got plenty of other products and services available for your further personal evolution…

Sign up today for only $1 -

you’ll have 5 days to see what an incredible library of material is available.


To contact me with any questions/concerns about this product, please click here.


Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus you must take complete responsibility for your use of it, and for your own well-being. If in doubt, please consult a licensed health professional. For more information, including an audio demonstration, click here. You can also click here to go to EFT Founder Gary Craig's website.  Emotional Freedom Techniques and EFT are registered trademarks of Gary Craig, and used with permission.

Oval Callout: Who Else is Ready to Get Serious About Developing a Powerfully Positive Prosperity Mindset…?

What others have said about what’s being offered…


“May I just say...WOW?!”  - J.W.


“Brad—Thanks so much for your inspiring classes.  I find not only the EFT powerful, but your amazing gift of words as well.  Shifts are happening instantaneously in my life now.  Perhaps you should have a “buckle your seat belt” sign on your website—for your classes have certainly set a fast ride in motion for me.”  - T.S.


“I love this stuff!!!” - D.B.


"I have had many astounding breakthroughs. Old scars that clearly have been blocking my ability to attract prosperity have been cleared.” - J.S.


“You know what I love about the sessions with you? That anything that gets cleared, gets cleared for real & for good. Thanks Brad, these classes get better and better :-)” – M.V.


 “Your work is so extremely powerful!! You ROCK!” - S.R.


 “Another sensational, splendid, super, stupendous, super, superb, swell class!  (Yikes! Did I just say "swell"?)! I so look forward to these!” – C.P.


“As usual, the TIA call was amazing! Of course, it is your wording that has the most impact. Your guided images just keep getting better and better!  WOW!” – R.P.


“I am here to tell you that I have been tapping along with you each morning for the last five days.  There has been a manifestation of money in each and every case.  Each time I thought it could not happen again, but lo and behold it did! I am so thankful, not only for the cash, but for you, this technique, and the spirit that put it together.” - R.O.


 “That call was excellent this morning. Over the weekend I was contemplating what I was hoping would be discussed and what I would say etc. And these people all started talking...I was amazed. They brought up exactly what I needed and I hadn't even gotten to it, in my own thinking. And then the work on how we can be successful when we have not had that much success before. It was like the perfect call for me. I look forward to reviewing that call and tapping away on it over and over again.” - K.K.


“That was an AMAZING class.  I had to go back to work after the call and I made more than double what I made in the morning. Also, I really slept great last night!!!!!!!  (I haven't sleep well in years!!)” – V.K.


“Brad, I just LOVE tapping with you! Thanks!” - V.S.


“Your EFT stuff is the best!!!” - T.P.


“Cher Brad, I only want to thank you for your enthusiasm and all the magnificent work you do.  Even though I have to focus probably a lot more than somebody whose mother tongue is English and not French, I try my best to follow what you say—and the results are astounding. “ - D.T.


“I am here to say that this stuff is really working for me. I feel lighter, facing problems with more ease, and things appear to be flowing naturally. I’m much more happy.” - I.H.


“I feel the understanding you have and the intuition that guides you during the calls. It is wonderful!”  - M.B.


I have really felt a major shift since beginning the EFT, dramatically more so than anything I have tried before, so thank you, very much.” - S.C.


“I use your tapping every day...and it produces some awesome results.“ - J.T.


“I love your work! Thank you for doing what you do. I already have a testimonial. The very first time I tapped with you, I got a call later on that day from a client, I had not heard from in over 3 years. She asked me to do some work for her that would amount to over $500.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - G.M.


“You make my day, every day!  :-) Thanks for all your inspiration!” - C.B.


“I didn't believe what I’d heard about you at first, because people brag, rant and rave about how people are so great a lot on these types of calls. This was my first sort of live introduction with you. I was sort of familiar with you from Bob Doyle and Wealth Beyond Reason, but only in print. You are something else live! in a good way.:))) I felt really exhilarated and high as though I was in church and caught the Holy Spirit I felt so good! As mentioned at the end of the call you have renewed my faith and interest in EFT again. Thank you so much again and God Bless you.” - D.T.


“I love your EFT sessions!! You are great!! Your EFT abundance sessions got me an interview in 2 days and a job in a week and half.”  - E.A.


“I really appreciated the class this  morning.    Everything we tapped on was just what I needed.” - P.T.


“I really saw such a difference in how I felt after I went through that session yesterday and can’t wait to do it again today.  I love your humor and the dialogue and you just make the tapping so enjoyable as well as powerful – so thank you so much. “ - J.J.


“I wanted to just send you a quick email saying "thank you". The very 1st tapping I did....I sat there and cried as a belief I had held onto for over 30 years came out and I know it was the reason I held myself back from truly achieving what is in my heart. I did not want to hurt my family by having more... Later that afternoon, I did more of the tapping and at the end when we did the deep breaths...I let a giggle that lasted for several minutes...I feel so much better. I feel like a burden has been lifted that I did not even know was there at least to that extreme. I have continued to tap each day...and each day, there is a  "new me" emerging. Thank you so much for all that you do and may God Bless you to continue to enrich so many lives.” L.P.


“I love these programs as you have a knack of crafting the statements for the tappings and I like to continue using them to clear my blocks.” - E.C.


“After that great EFT session, I feel like I'm going to sleep wonderfully tonight and love myself more! Thanks so much!“- J.S.


“The teleconferences have so touched my life and i have seen miracle after miracle! Thank you sincerely.” - S.G.


“Words just cannot express my gratitude and how much you have helped me.” - A.F.


“I’m doing my very best to spread the word about you...I really appreciate the work you’re doing very much. Your work really rocks. It’s that combination of integrity, intuition, intelligence and sense of humour that does it, I think.” - M.V.


“I've been on your Abundance call with EFT in the past...had so many great results that I'm on the call for this month I getting results? You bet...and you’re the bring such incredible humor to otherwise such serious subjects in life...thank you!” - D.T.


“Just finished listening to you ....I'd watched a couple of your videos, and was impressed by your ease and clarity while tapping. Now I am an unequivocal FAN!  Your channeling is one of the most fabulous demonstrations I've ever experienced of a healer "getting out of the way", while managing to address every little tricky objection any steel-trap mind might insert; and moving through the tapping with such grace and effectiveness!  Bravo!  Also, I adore your 'God is really good at what I do', which shows the inventive turn of mind you possess, and understanding, you bring to your work.” - R.W.


“Just wanted to say thank you.  I have made the journey from "The Secret" to Joe Vitale and then to you.  You are changing my life for the good.” - S.S.


“Like I said, you rock.  I enjoy your style, and I love how you find the path through my defenses.  The only thing about phone classes that is missing is the hug at the end!  Thanks for sowing such rich seeds into my life!” – C.B.


“By total chance came across your work. It is absolutely the best thing I have ever come across. I suffer from Biopolar mood disorder as well as epilepsy and have been on medication for the last seven years which affected my relationship with my husband and family. I have not felt so clear headed and in sync with myself as I do right now for years. My energy levels are up and I actually feel like living again. Thank-you, Thank-you.” - M.A.


“One of the parts that I like the most in your guided imagery is when you tell me that I will sleep very well through the night, that the more I dream the stronger I will become, and that you will ask my unconscious to allow at least one of my dreams to be a very healing dream. I have had more dreams in the last year than I have had in my entire life, and I feel that the majority of them are healing dreams. Thanks to you, I enjoy going to bed at night again.” - R.B.


“Your work has contributed to the success that I am at last enjoying. “ - S.C.


“Thank you Brad, I really love and appreciate your dedication to help others. I love your programs!” - L.J.


“I love the intuitive improv EFT that you do.”  - J.B.


“Thank you for the gifts that you bring to us, in particular, you never forget in one way or another to remind us of who we are.” - D.D.


“Thank you for...

1) Selling your products at a price I was able to afford

2) Making it easy to clear the blocks that have caused me so much harm, that I have been trying to let go of for years.

3) For being so enjoyable on your recordings. Dare I say it ... You’re a trip! (in a fabulous way!)

4) I've been tapping for 2 days & feel this much better!!

5) Bringing the Hope back to my life & making Magnificent a possibility.

There is just so much to thank you for & above are just the highlights.  But I did feel the need to say Thank you..... “ - M.B.


“Your tapping went well beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for a gift of value beyond measure.”  - D.K.


“Thank you so much for being. I have been tapping along with you every day for the past month and fully realize the benefits of EFT. Prior to being guided to your work I knew very little about EFT but had seen some positive results. I had not been in a position to afford a practitioner and have been ever so grateful for your recordings. The most benefit is that I can participate any time I choose. Wonderful!” -  C.H.


“You are really inspired, it's magic.  Thanks a lot lot lot…” - N.M.


“Thank you, Brad.  Most importantly for the tapping.  I particularly love your approach and am now tapping with and without you almost daily, and sometimes more often :-). Thank you for truly being a gift in my life.” - D.R.


“Thanks for helping me believe I am magnificent!” - L.S.


“The tapping exercises have helped me release in just a couple days some of the pain, shame, feelings of abandonment and perpetual sorrow that seemed to follow me around, I mean I feel more free in just two days, than what years of therapy never seemed to accomplish. I am glad I found you!” - L.J.


“You have a wonderful style.  It's easy following your taps.  Thank you again.  You've made a difference in my world.” - A.B.


“You have helped me in ways you may and may not know.”  - C.S.


“Your lighthearted and generous approach to EFT makes it fun and easy. Thanks for your work!” - R.L.


“Your tapping assistance rocks!! You have definitely helped me get some breakthroughs and I truly enjoy tapping with you.  I use Tap O’ the Mornin’ and Evenin’, also.  I will definitely be back and I have referred friends too.  Thanks so much for all you do!”  - L.A.


“Your work is irresistible—your whole approach is fun and I appreciate your humor.  You are not just doing good work—you are performing an art.  Thank you for your marvelous work.” - R.N.


“Oh my Gosh...I finally reached "Zero".  It's AMAZING!    I have been releasing for a little over a month now.  It's no wonder I was would be shocked (I was) at the amount of junk that I had to release...some things it took releasing over and over and over.  I have seen dramatic changes in my relationships over the past month, but never to this degree.  My mom called this morning saying things that normally put me in a negative mode.  Nothing she said bothered me, nothing, nothing, nothing...if you only knew how much of a miracle that is...she has always been able to push my buttons and set me off...not is so incredible.  It is total bliss!  Nothing matters...absolutely nothing.  Not my finances, not my health, nothing!  Everything has been released.  I wish everyone could experience this.  I haven't had any  yet...but I know breakthroughs in my finances are coming since I am finally living at zero.  I just had to write and tell you how wonderful your work is.  Brad Yates Rocks! “ - B.V.


“Yours is the best site ever for my soul!   It's just what I need these days.  Bless you dude!” - G.P.


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