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Who else is ready to get rapid relief from a variety of troubling issues--right now-- in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you go…?

"This could be the greatest self-help tool on the internet!" - T.S.

People are always asking me, "What should I say while tapping?" Especially when one starts out with EFT, it can be a challenge with coming up with the words to repeat.

So--I created eTappings--recorded rounds of EFT on a variety of specific issues that you can play on your computer, burn to a CD, or transfer to your MP3 player. (Maybe I should call them iTappings…?)

Each eTappings has two components--rounds for clearing the negative statement, then rounds to enhance the desired positive. And eTappings can be used repeatedly, because as each issue is cleared, the unconscious mind will discover related issues and allow the tapping to clear those as well.

eTappings will also help you become more comfortable with the tapping process, so that you will find yourself naturally discovering the right words for each round.

Each eTapping is around 10 minutes long, and is only $16. For an amazing discount, you can purchase the entire set as part of the Master Key. (see below)

I'm very pleased by the frequent e-mails I get from customers saying things like:

"Brad, your eTappings RULE!" - D.C.

But rather than listing a bunch of these, I'll let you sample an eTapping for yourself -- just click the link below:

Free Sample eTapping

The sample eTapping is on eliminating your resistance to change--a BIG block to taking successful action for most people. You've probably heard Anthony Robbins talk about the importance of "changing your state" in order to achieve success. The eTappings may be the quickest and easiest tool on the internet to help you effectively change your state so you can take action!

Here are the subjects covered in the eTappings:
(click on any title to purchase it)

Feeling unworthy/I am worthy and deserving

Stress/I feel calm


Food craving/I choose to be healthy

Loneliness/I feel joyfully connected

Fear of flying/Flying comfort

Fear of success/Embracing success

Fear of failure/Feeling confident

Money is bad/Allowing abundance

Fear of public speaking/Speaking confidence

Sense of lack/Gratitude and Prosperity

Insomnia/Sleep ease


Resisting exercise/Exercise excitement

Smoking craving/I make healthy choices

Fear of dentist/Feeling calm about seeing dentist

Performance anxiety (sports/arts, etc.)/Getting better

Academic/test performance anxiety/Getting better

Guided Imagery: Abundance mindset

The Master Key

This is certainly the way to get the most from this site. You get access to all of the eTappings, for considerably less than you would pay for all the individual items! Even if you have already purchased several eTappings, it is still a great deal!

As a free bonus, the Master Key also gives you access to the e-books
The Key to Success (sold individually for $28) and Laurusnotes--A Baker's Dozen!

For more information about the eBook, click here.

The potential benefits of this material are beyond measure, but the combined price would be more than $320. However, this package is being offered at the incredible discount of only $147.

Except today...

Purchase the Master Key today and save an additional $50!

For a limited time, the Master Key is only $97!

Order now--Master Key - $97.00

Please note: Purchase and use of any of the EFT or guided imagery audios on this site signifies that you have read and understood the disclaimer, and have agreed to its terms.

While you will receive great benefits from tapping along with these audios, these should be considered only as samples of how to address various issues, and not as therapy.

Brad Yates
"Brad Yates has the ability to make profound and life- changing differences in people's lives. His down-to- earth communication style combined with a wonderful sense of humor creates an instant connection with those he's working with.  Brad's command of the Emotional Freedom Technique completely transformed my life and the lives of thousands of my students, and it's always a pleasure to work with him in any capacity."

- Bob Doyle   Star of "The Secret"

"If you are stuck…if you feel like something or someone is holding you back, then I have a great gift for you. It's a simple 3 step solution. Call Brad Yates, give him your credit card info and then let him tap your troubles away. He even cleared my lungs of congestion. Wow, I got more from Brad in one hour than I've gotten from three doctors in two months. I have new lease on life. Thank you, Brad. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

- Tom Pauley
"I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am."


"Brad takes EFT, already an exciting set of techniques, and splashes in a giant dash of intuition and creativity. Result - he probes problems and leads you easily through issues you never even knew were preying on you. Anytime it's time for help, call Brad. He's THE go-to guy in EFT."

- Charles Burke

"Brad Yates is one of the most talented people I've ever been privileged to work with. His compassion, insight, and sense of humor put him in a class all by himself. If you want to live the life you truly deserve, give yourself the gift of listening to and working with Brad. He's the best!"

- Jane Savoie
Olympic Coach, Olympic Alternate, International Author and Speaker

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