Thank Youfor coming to my site – welcome! I want you to have
the best life possible – to enjoy an abundance of success, health
and happiness – and I know you have it within you to create that.

I also know that making positive changes can be challenging.
If you’re feeling stuck, it’s not that there’s something wrong with
you, but rather that part of you is likely resisting making changes
as a way of protecting yourself. I’m confident that you will find
resources here to support you in moving through those blocks,
so that you can more easily succeed in any area of life you choose.

The great artist Michelangelo said of his sculptures that they
were already there inside the stone… it was just his job to chip
away what didn’t belong to reveal the magnificence inside.
Basically, he brought out the best in marble. It’s my job to help
bring out the best in you - the you that can create and enjoy the
life you really want.

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Brad Yates
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