A special teleseminar...

Help for Japan...

Help for the World

Let's face it - there are a lot of challenging
things going on in the world right now. But...
we still get to choose how we feel. Doing what
we can to keep our energy positive is beneficial
not only for ourselves, but also for the planet
as a whole.

Please join me and Cyndi Krupp (of Evolution Ezine) as we explore energy tools for not only
healing the distress we may be feeling in
response to what's going on in the world but
also to send healing energy to the planet.

You will feel better - and feel good about the good you are doing for the world at large. And,
have tools to continue to cultivate that. :)

Here is the recording of the call:

Healing Tools for the World

And - here's the guided imagery we did
at the end as a separate file:

Sending Healing Energy

Right after I stopped the recording, a caller
spoke up... from Japan...! She expressed her
great gratitude to all of us for sending so
much love from so far away. :)

We are asking that you please use the link on
the right to make a donation of whatever
amount you choose. 100% of your donation
will go to Mercy Corps for relief efforts. You
can use the link on the right, or go directly
to their site - or any relief agency you choose. However, we understand that not everyone is
in a position to do so, and some folks don't
have Paypal, and we want to invite you to
tap with us anyway. :)

Mercy Corps updates re: Japan can be seen here:

Thank you!

Be Magnificent!


P.S. For some more tapping you can do,
please click here.

Brad Yates
What the World Needs Now
Energy Tools for Healing the Planet