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Who else would prefer to not have to always
log-on to the web to watch tapping videos?

I've received many requests to make my YouTube videos available
for download, so folks can put them on their iPods (or other
video-capable MP3 players), computers or PDA cellphones - or even
burn them to a DVD. You can do that here. These are MPEG-4 (.mp4)
files - and I have played them on new and old iPods, iPad, MAC and
PC, as well as my Blackberry.

These are available on an "honor system" basis.
Take a look at the titles below, decide which ones you want, then
use the payment link on the right using this suggested formula: $3
each for up to 5 videos, and $17 if you purchase between 6 - 12
videos. Please use the same formula for additional videos above
12 in which you might be interested. For any amount of videos over
48, $67 is the suggested price.

Upon payment, there will be a yellow "return to merchant"
button that will take you to the download page.

Again, those are the suggested prices, but you can also choose
your own amount. It may be that you feel you could really benefit
from having these videos downloaded, but aren't in a postition to
pay the suggested price. So, I invite you to "pay what you can" -
whatever you feel that might be (I won't question it or keep track
of who paid what).
Any payment will give you access to this page,
which contains all of the videos. That's where the "honor system"
comes in.

Then use the videos to help free yourself to share who you can be
with the world, and you'll be paying it forward. And if all you can
pay is a token amount that's less than the suggested price, and
feel compelled to feel bad about that, know that it is a temporary
situation, and feeling bad won't really help - be sure to get the
second video. ;)

And if you really like the videos and want to pay
more than $3
apiece (I know they can be worth much more than that when used) -
it's perfectly okay to use that button for that purpose, too -
thank you! :)

And w
hile I love having folks share the videos on YouTube,
purchased/downloaded files are for your personal use only - please
do not distribute them.
No selling bootleg EFT Wizard DVDs on
the street...thanks. ;)

Here are the videos:

Tap o' the Mornin'
Clearing Guilt and Shame
Tapping into Strength and Hope
Caring More
Needing to Teach Someone a Lesson
Sending Comfort (Take 1)
Tapping into Excellence - Olympic greatness
I'm too tired -Tapping into Energy
Tapping into Forgiveness
Releasing Blame
Your True Value
Not Ready to heal
Love Magnet
EFT & Ho'oponopono
Tapping into Acceptance
You Matter
Embracing the Light
Sending Comfort (Take 2)
Tapping for the Rainforests
Tapping into Prayer - The Lord's Prayer
Differences of Opinion
Tapping for Change
Tapping into Action and Motivation
Clear the Economic Fear
Tapping into Vibrant Health
You Are Rich
Tapping into Your True Magnificent Self
Clearing the Fear and Worry
Clearing Resistance
Tapping into Hope and Faith
Clearing Stress and Constricted Breathing
Surrender- Letting Go and Letting God
Tapping for the Oceans
Feeling Great Right Now
So What?
Tapping into Fun at Work
Tapping into Goals
You Are Magnificent
Love Your Body
Tapping into Gratitude
You'll Be Okay
Releasing Judgment
Post Election Healing
Happy Holidays
Clearing Anger
The Need to Complain
Tap o' the Evenin'
You Are Magnificent - Short Version
Have an Amazing Day
Happiness Beyond Belief
Tapping out of Feeling Stupid
Tapping into Prayer - Our Deepest Fear
Hiding Something- Keeping Secrets
Doing the Right Thing
Fear and Panic Right Now
Tapping into Universal Love
Tapping into Prayer - Serenity Prayer
Tapping into Prayer - Introduction
Tapping into Prayer - Third Step
Tapping into Prayer - Seventh Step Prayer
Tapping into Prayer - Prayer of St. Francis
Tapping into Prayer - The Prayer of Jabez
Tapping for Kids
Tapping for Kids - Anger
Tapping for Kids - Sadness
Tapping for Kids - Fear
Tapping for Kids - Sports
Tapping into Manifestation
Tapping into Relaxation
Letting Go of Jealousy
Tapping into Focus
Defying Gravity
Tapping into Patience
Tapping Through Pain
Feeling Crappy
Belief Beyond Belief - Clearing Self-Doubt
Being Bullied
Being Judged
Tapping Through a Break Up
Tapping on Rejection and Abandonment
Tapping into Commitment
Clearing Feelings of Deprivation - Trading Good for Great
Being Unstoppable
Clearing Complacency
Money Comfort
Family Driving You Crazy...?
Clearing Resentment
Change Your Mind
Getting Better
Tapping Away Cravings
Allowing and Receiving
Fear of Disappointment
Great New Year
Fear of Wasting Food
Resistance to Goals that Stretch You
Feeling Connected
"I Can't Let It Go!"
Nurture Yourself with EFT and Guided Imagery
Needing Others to be Perfect
What Other People Think
Seeing Things as Bad
Cultivate Peace
Reacting vs. Responding
Positive Expectation
Dealing with Overindulgence
Motivated by Misery...?
Optimal Health
Need to Feel Bad
Need to be Perfect
Seeing with God's Eyes
You Are Awesome
Too Good to be True
Being Proactive
Love to Fly (and Allowing Greatness)
The Need to be Bothered, Upset, Offended
Gaining Clarity
Getting Fired Up
You Are Worthy
From "I Can't" to "I Can!"
Playing Big (...or Bigger...)
Just Say "Yes!"
Exercise Motivation
Spiders (but not just about spiders...)
Clowns - from Fear to Love
Violence Inside
Loving Your Inner Child
For Parents
Doing Great in School
Don't Know What to Say
Settling for Distractions
Judgment Day - End of the World Fear
Willing to Be Wrong
Love Yourself
Allowing Miracles
Feeling Love
Feeling Love - Take 2
Don't Have All the Answers
Expectations and Upset
Fear of Being in Trouble
You Deserve to be Treated with Love and Respect
Clearing Hatred
General Taping (Quickie)
"I Can Do It!"
Disappointed in Progress (or lack thereof...)
Doubt that Others can/will Change
Willing to be Great, Rich, Successful, etc.
Tapping into Intuition
Tapping into the Law of Attraction
Conditional Happiness - "I Can't Feel Good Until..."
Making Tough Choices - "I Don't Wanna Be the Bad Guy"
"I Can't Stop Myself"
Taking Responsibility for Your Life
Changing the Past
Shouldn't Have More Than You Need...?
Issues with Time - (Hurry, Rushing, Being Late)
"I Don't Need to Do It" - Only Motivated by Fear?
Fluffing Up Your Energy
Radiating Love - Guided Imagery
"I Don't Know How"
Stop Stopping Yourself
Deserving Better
Your Expansive Self
Sharing Your Gifts
Brought Down by Others
Feeling Defensive
The Joy of Loving Your Enemies
Doing My Part
Changing Focus - from Bad to Good
Hurting Yourself
Emotional Issues Manifesting Physically
Tapping into a Good Night's Sleep
Clearing Regret
Rampage of Appreciation
Suffering to Punish Others
Law of Attraction Not Working...?
Clearing Resistance Quickie
The Need to "Fix" It (People, Situations, etc...)
Getting into the Flow
Retail Therapy
Using Money as an Excuse
No Time for Self-Improvement
Being Peace
Happy Tapping - Clearing Negativity (Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres)
The Need to Make it More Difficult
Appreciating Challenge
Being Content (or not...)
Remember Who You Are
Post-Halloween Candy Cravings
Making a Difference (You Do)
Tapping into the Vortex
Idiots on the Road (Clearing Road Rage)
Redefine Yourself
Comparing Yourself to Others
For Caregivers

Please note: While you will receive great benefits from tapping
along with these videos, these should be considered only as samples
of how to address various issues, and not as therapy. Purchase and
use of any of the EFT or videos on this site signifies that you have
read and understood the disclaimer, and have agreed to its terms.

The EFTWizard Videos
Brad Yates
Some of the comments from different eftwizard videos on YouTube:

This is amazing!

Loving this video!! I've watched it during my time in undergrad and know it helped see me through to graduation. My life's goals are manifesting right before my eyes! Love it!!

Thanks Brad. You are, indeed, a gift!! :-)

Great video, Brad, thanks. I love the imagery you use.

I am so grateful that you are giving away these wonderful and inspirational video insruktions! I use them everyday and its the best way to start my day and to end my day. There is great love here for you!

Thank you so much! I really enjoy so many of your eft videos.

Thanks Brad. When I view your videos and tap along them I feel like I have put myself into very reliable hands of a friend, an angel who is tenderly guiding me to be better - to be myself - to be my full potential - my divine potential! Thanks a ton! May god bless you.

Brad, your videos always make me feel good.

Wow! Thank you, Brad, that is very helpfull!!!

I'm doing this tapping again immediately. I was just thinking as I was tapping along, Gee, this is a nice tapping topic but I'm pretty clear about me mattering and then we got to the 'silly poopy head and maybe I should call them up and tell them' part and I burst out crying.....I love those bursts of emotion, it means I am really clearing something buried deep that I wasn't consciously aware of.....eftwizard you are the best....please bask away ;) you deserve to.

I just love your videos. And the different intros/ set ups are funny. Thank you for sharing and working to improve the lives of people.

Brad - thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating this video. I deal with anxiety and bit by bit, I am learning how to release it. This video released so much anxiety.

I like using the kid's videos for myself as well, as they are simplified and I feel like I am connecting to my "inner child".

Lovely, brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Brad.

Just what I needed!

This is an effective exercise, very helpful for letting go and allowing

Brad is a very effective EFT "leader" and I especially appreciate the theme of this video. I ran through it and felt good about work. Then I remotely checked my work emails to see what's in store for me at the office today. I may have to run through this video 45 times more before I go to the office. But tomorrow, only 38 times...

I can't tell you how much this just helped me. I was feeling really scared, discouraged and down. Awesome...thank you and God bless you!!!

You are a funny guy!

This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you soooo much!

Thanks Brad, you're EFT videos are wonderful. I am grateful God is using you for this purpose.

Dearest Brad, May your love, light, wisdom and compassion continue to grow and expand in ways unimaginable. I feel so blessed to have your videos in my life. I practice them every day and have gone through just about all of them many times over. I am noticing some inner changes happening. My dream is to be able to have one on one sessions with you. Thank you so much for having cleared and created the you that is now shining. You are very comforting.

Incredible inspiration.

This is some great information Brad.

It is a wonderful video.

You are so awesome for doing these kids videos and sharing them with us!! Seriously - this could change the next generation!!

Well, I missed seeing you live and in person here in Los Angeles, but I intend to see you every day on YouTube, thanks to your kindly uploading these great videos. They work! They are a gift we can use to get us on the right track, and when I use them it's as though someone snapped their fingers and my worries and negative thoughts and emotions just vanish. Love you, Brad! Thank you!!!

Thank you for this ;-) As always, your tapping videos (and books, and mp3's, etc.) make me feel better.

Hi from France, I like your videos very well, discover eft one year ago, thanks for all those different "tapping into.."

God bless u and ur loved ones Brad :)

Thank you!! the tapping points (ideas) were right on target! Amazing how EFT can calm my inner turmoil in just a few minutes.

You are the best. I needed this. Thank you!

Brad does it again! You are inspired and you pass that on so well thanks for sharing the energy of sharing!

Thank you so much for this video Brad!! This is my favorite one that you've done so far and that is saying a lot since I love all of your videos. This one totally helped me so much since I have been working on being neutral and not letting other people's opinions and ideas that I disagree with get to me or upset me. You're awesome :)

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