Emotional Freedom - Brad discusses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) -
what they are, who uses them and the benefits for improving health, wealth
and relationships.

Success Beyond Belief - Whether it is in business, sports, academics or any
other area of life, you have it within you to perform at higher levels and achieve
greater results. Brad talks about what might hold you back - and how to
overcome those blocks.

"Emotional Acupuncture Without Needles" - Brad explains the simple, fast
and effective techniques he uses to help people improve their lives by
accessing eight meridians in the body.

Keeping New Year's Resolutions - Our internal systems are designed to keep
things the same. Making changes feels stressful, and this can derail the best
of intentions. Brad discusses how EFT can help people stay on track with
personal improvement efforts.

Making Positive Changes - Our results in finances, health and other areas
are determined by our choices, and our choices are largely controlled by our
feelings. Brad explains how emotional freedom helps people make better

Controlling Cravings - Actions such as overeating and overspending are
largely triggered by our feelings. Brad discusses how EFT can help people
overcome cravings and make positive choices for better results.

Dating Ease - Emotional discomfort, based on fears and insecurities, can make
meeting that special someone an intimidating endeavor. Brad discusses how
EFT can reduce the fear, as well as pain from past relationships, and boost

Emotional Freedom & Addiction - Brad discusses how he used EFT to help
addicts through weekly classes at the Sacramento Drug Court.

Why it Works - Negative emotions are manifested in the body, as well as the
mind. Brad explains why EFT is a potent method for achieving instant relief
and ongoing results.

Tapping for Job Hunters - Brad discusses how EFT can help people stay positive
and effective in their search for employment.

Magnificent Tappers Club - Brad has posted more than 200 videos on YouTube
to help people clear away uncomfortable feelings so they can achieve their
goals in life. He explains how people are learning these techniques online.

EFT for Kids - Brad discusses his children's book The Wizard's Wish and some
of the ways EFT is being used to help children.

Clowning Around - A graduate of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown
College, Brad discusses how humor helps people heal hurtful emotions and
learn new skills.

Feel Good Now - Brad discusses how he uses EFT to help people beat habitual
negative emotions and unleash their potential to succeed in whatever they
choose to do.

Manifesting 24/7 - We're never offline with the universe. Brad discusses how
the keys to manifesting health, wealth and love lie within each of us.

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