Program Yourself for Success

Thank you for purchasing this powerful audio. I am confident you will enjoy it -- as well as the positive changes that it will help you to make.

Program Yourself for Success

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You will likely find yourself using this audio on a weekly if not daily basis. Besides the enhancement of your success consciousness, you will find it a very effective healing tool for body, mind and spirit.

Once you have gone through this entire audio, you may find yourself at times wanting to use just one section or another - such as using the final 4 minute guided imagery as a quick pick-up each morning. To make this easier, here are the three sections as individual recordings:

Part 1 (Long GI) - Part 2 (EFT) - Part 3 (Short GI)

As a special added bonus, I am also including "The
Michelangelo Process" - a guidebook that will help you in
using tapping to become the most successful version of you.

The Michelangelo Process

If you are new to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) you will get more benefit from this recording by first visiting the instruction page here:

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Be Magnificent!


Brad Yates
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