At last!


I am often asked for tapping scripts, and now I have put a bunch of ’em together in an e-book.


No long sales copy — I hope that won’t disappoint you.  Chances are that if you are here, you are already familiar with my work, and are looking to have the wording in printed form.


Simply put, you get 101 tapping scripts (well over 300 pages!) garnered from various teleclasses — primarily Tapping into Abundance — filled with ideas and metaphors and life lessons that will help you release limiting beliefs and enhance your ability to allow an ever-greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness in your life.


These contain more than simple tapping phrases.  It’s like an interactive education in the Law of Attraction!


And … it’s only $7.  ‘Nuff said.


Click below to get it now:

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The EFT Wizard’s Big Book of Tapping Scripts

Wow - I am blown away by the treasure trove of EFT tapping assistance.  A real deal for the investment. With great appreciation. Much thanks! – K.S.


I really appreciate all the resources you have created. Your work is really helping me shift at a rapid rate. – S.G.


“Thanks for the tapping book - I have been using it just about every day since I ordered it.  It is a blessing and a jewel.  My goal is to use it daily this year.” – M.B.