While being a Super Mom has its rewards, it certainly also
has it's challenges...!

Christine Moers said, "It takes a village to keep a special
needs parent from jumping off the roof."

But since that village may not always be on hand, wouldn't
it be great to have something that is? (literally...)

Please join us for a special call that is just for you.
(But Super Dad's are welcome, too...)

Tapping for Super Moms!

Click the link to play - or right-click to download:

Full call with tapping rounds

Just the guided imagery at the end

Lisa Amos (Life in the Grateful House) hosted EFT expert
Brad Yates for a one-hour call on how to tap your way back
to sanity and serenity. You write lots of "love checks" - this
is a way to make a deposit back into your account.

In this fun
* and experiential call, you'll learn a simple
tool for handling the stress and other discomfort that come
with the job of parenting trauma - a healthier "mother's
little helper" than the one the Rolling Stones wrote about. ;)

Brad is known internationally for his creative (and often
humorous) use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
Brad He is the author of the best-selling children's book
The Wizard's Wish," the co-author of the best-seller
Freedom at Your Fingertips," and a featured expert in the
film "
The Tapping Solution," He has also been a presenter
at a number of events, including Jack Canfield's
to Success
, has done teleseminars with "The Secret" stars
Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard inter-
nationally on a number of internet radio talk shows.

(And yes, it's true - he is also a graduate of Ringling Bros.
and Barnum & Bailey Clown College...) ;

"Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm,
loving, powerful, effective, transformative force
for good. I totally endorse his work."

- Jack Canfield ("The Secret" - "Chicken Soup for the Soul")

If you are new to tapping, please check out the videos on
the right, as well as the information here: About EFT.
There is a picture showing the taping points below on the
lower right.

We look forward to tapping with you. :)

Please note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical
results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental
stage. Brad Yates is not a licensed health practitioner, and
certain issues should be addressed by such professionals.
You must take complete responsibility for your physical and
emotional well-being, and you must agree to hold harmless
anyone involved with EFT from any claims made by anyone
whom you seek to help with EFT.

* It's possible you may be thinking, "Fun...? How can a call
about this subject be fun?" Brad takes his work seriously -
but likes to handle it in as light-hearted a way as possible.
Think of it as the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine
go down. And let's face it - don't you deserve a little fun...? ;)