It is my wish that this book benefit as many
children (of all ages) around the world as
possible. I have been blessed by offers from
wonderful people to translate my book into
different languages. I hope they will be
available as physical books at some point,
but for teh time being I am pleased to be
able to offer these as e-books.

The book is copyrighted, and may not be
distributed - thank you for honoring that -
but you may print one copy for your personal
use. It is a PDF file - please be sure you have
a program that can read that format, such as
Adobe Reader.

If you would be interested in translating the
book into a language not listed here, please contact me at - thank you.

"Beautifully written and
illustrated, every child should
have access to this book.
I absolutely loved it!"

- Mary T. Sise, LCSW,
co-author, The Energy of Belief
More coming... :)
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