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Success Thermostat


You set the thermostat in your home to the temperature you want, and there’s a system designed to fulfill your request.  You have an internal success system that is much more powerful than any air conditioning unit.  So — what are you going to set it at…?

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About the Success Thermostat

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What you see here can be a very powerful tool for programming your mind for greater success.

Joseph Murphy stated, "The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking." 

In your home, you set your thermostat for the temperature you consider to be the most comfortable.  Your home’s temperature control system then uses the heater and air conditioner to automatically create the environment you have programmed.

You are doing basically the same thing with the Success-Thermostat.  You set the goal you choose to be comfortable with, and your internal system goes about making it happen.  Having it visible subliminally makes it part of your habitual thinking.

To use the Success-Thermostat:

· Select a goal stated in simple terms, such as: "$500,000 per year" or "My PhD by 2010" – then type this in the two boxes found to the right (under the video).  A number of examples are included above – but you are free to enter whatever you desire — as long as it fits.  Each box will take up to 10 characters.  If what you are typing in a line is less than 10 characters and you wish to center the words, insert spaces before the words.  If you only want to use one line, just type a space in the other line. 

· Click the submit button, and your personalized Success-Thermostat will be displayed, suitable for printing.  If you wish to adjust it, or create a new one, just click back in your browser and start over.

· Print the page, cut it out and mount it on your wall where you will notice it — even if only out of the corner of your eye.

· Whenever you catch a glimpse of it, allow yourself to take a moment to imagine – with positive feeling – that what is written there is already so. The great thing is, you are likely to do so at an unconscious level – but it is fun to also allow yourself to do it consciously from time to time, too.

· The extent to which we are not experiencing things we desire is the extent to which we are resisting them.  Clear that resistance (using EFT, for instance) so that you can more quickly and easily manifest your desires. 

· Bookmark this site for whenever you wish to set another goal.
Even your kids can do this with their goals!

As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve!”

We’re pretty good at conceiving – it is the believing that tests us.  There are various schools of thought about goal setting.  Some say set a goal that seems realistic – others say set something really out of reach so that it inspires and excites you.  Of course, if you want to know where your internal thermostat is currently set – take a look at your current situation.  Your unconscious considers anything more to be somewhat uncomfortable.  You have what it takes to be astoundingly successful – you also likely have some resistance to greater success. The embedded video is designed to help with that.  Admittedly, the smaller the goal, the easier it is to believe and the less resistance there is to clear.  When you can reach that, you can always create a new thermostat.  Or, you can just go for it.  Find what works best for you. Have fun with this — tell your friends about it so they can get in on the fun and success — and, as my friend Joe Vitale says, “Expect Miracles!”


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